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Tredje terminen avslutad


Tiden går verkligen fort. Nu är vår tredje termin i Xifeng avslutad, och i morgon åker vi söderut först till Xi'an och sedan till staden Guilin. Därifrån är det tänkt att vi ska flyga till Kuala Lumpur för en veckas semester. Vi har aldrig varit i Malaysia förut och ser fram emot lite värme och avkoppling.


Amity Foundation har sin Winter Conference i Nanning 26-30 januari, och där är det sedan meningen att vi ska vara med.

Vi är verkligen nöjda med och tacksamma för våra tre terminer hittills in Xifeng. Vi har fått vara friska hela tiden och inte missat en enda lektion!

Colleget skrev tidigare under terminen på uppmaning av vår svenska arbetsgivare ett slags arbetsbeskrivning då det gäller våra arbetsuppgifter, och vi tycker att det kanske kunde vara värdefullt för ev intresserade att se hur man utifrån colleget ser på vårt arbete här.



Job description for Gunnel & Per-Martin Hjort, Sweden


Longdong University is located in the eastern part of Gansu province, the People’s Republic of China. It is more than 500 kilometers away from the provincial capital Lanzhou. It is a higher educational institution that supplies education to more than 10,000 students specializing in 16 fields of study.

English is a compulsory course to all students. The teaching of English is divided into two main groups, English majors and non-English majors. For the English majors, whom Mr and Mrs Hjort are teaching, the students usually spend four full years of study in the English Department for the purpose of either becoming a middle school English teacher or a translator.

Due to the fact that the university is located far away from big cities, employing good quality teachers has become a problem. English is a subject that has a serious shortage of this kind of teachers. Foreign teachers are badly needed due to their advantages in language fluency and Western culture awareness.

In the past we have been getting help from the Amity Foundation in Nanjing. They have sent us high quality teachers who have supported our teaching greatly. Amity teachers have a good educational background and rich teaching experience. Their work and ethics and effort have gained respect from all students and colleagues. As the scope of our university is still expanding, we hope we can still get strong support from your organization through the Amity Foundation in China.

Presently we have two Amity teachers, Mr and Mrs Hjort. Both of them are high quality teachers with rich experience in teaching English as a foreign language. They came to our university more than one year ago. Mr Hjort is teaching eight hours of Oral course to second year students and four hours of English Phonetics to first year students. Mrs Hjort is teaching eight hours of Oral course to first year students and four hours of Applied Writing to second year students.

Besides daily classroom teaching, they also host a young teachers’ training workshop, which was started by previous Amity teachers. Nearly twenty young teachers, all employed by Longdong University, have been or are involved in the workshop training. Their teaching has significantly been influenced by attending the workshops.

Twice a week, Per-Martin and Gunnel also conduct a students’ Free Talk session. It is attended freely. Students are enthusiastic in taking part in the activities because Per-Martin and Gunnel have collected an enormous amount of English magazines, newspapers, and other fantastic readings. They have also given students several talks on Western culture.

We sincerely thank the Church of Sweden and the Amity Foundation in China for your contribution to our education. Should you have any further questions or concerns about the Amity teachers working here, you are welcome to get in touch with us.

 Hjortikina 2010-01-12